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iFootage Shark Slider Nano Review

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iFootage has introduced its new Shark Slider Nano. It is being touted as the world’s first portable built-in 2-axis bi-directional slider.

The iFootage Shark Sliders have gained a good reputation over the years for being smooth, easy to use, and well made. The Nano joins the following Shark sliders in the series:

Key features

  • Lightweight, compact, portable camera slider solution 
  • Choose between two control interfaces, via Smartphone App or built-in IPS touch screen display
  • Two-axis, bi-directional design
  • No additional head needed
  • Silent, smooth movement
  • Supports DSLR and Smartphone recording
  • Export final video or photos directly from Smart device
  • One NP-F battery lasts 3-4 hours in continuous use
  • Quick to set up
  • App supports both Android and iPhone
  • USB-C charging port for use with external power pack
  • Battery charges whilst using an external power supply.
  • Four height-adjustable feet

What makes it unique?

The Shark Slider Nano features a two-axis bi-directional design. This means the slider can travel further than its actual physical length. The Nano can also slide and pan at the same time. This is the first slider, at least to my knowledge, where two-axis bi-directional functionality has been built into the slider itself. Usually, to get this kind of functionality, you need to attach some kind of motorized head or accessory to be able to do this.

Having this functionality built-in allows you to create some interesting shots.

What do you get?


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